Our patrons trust us for being the best Electric SAFARI rickshaw manufacturer in India. Our product Eco-Safari is quite
popular among the product buyers as well as the daily commuters using this product to get the benefit of travelling to their small time destinations without causing a burden for their pockets to bear.

Being the most popular product of Xxplore Automotive, Eco-Safari is nothing but the efficient and economical Electric battery rickshaw. This product is quite popular among the small scale businessmen, working people, and students looking at ways to commute easily, safely and at affordable prices. Electric SAFARI auto rickshaws are made of 3 wheels that are pulled by an electric motor ranging from 650-1400 Watts. This way of commuting will not be expensive like other modes like auto rickshaws and taxis. These Electric SAFARI rickshaws have started getting broadly accredited around some countries for coming handy as an alternative to Petrol/Diesel/CNG auto rickshaws.
This alternative of the electric auto rickshaw can be used to travel to small distances. It can be deployed at metro stations, colleges, bus stops, schools, universities and other points to smoothen the progress of easier and safer commuting options available on road. Due to the reason that it has small size and exceptional turning radius, it can make it easily to the small lanes and congested areas.
Using the technology of a simple mechanism, these electric rickshaws use electricity, which is often easily found and even sometimes multi-sourced. Such vehicles also possess high degrees of energy buoyancy and helps in power saving as it does not consume energy when it is not in use.
You can contact us and be assured of getting the products at most economical prices as we are known around the nation for being the best Electric auto rickshaw manufacturer in Faridabad.


► Speed : 0-25 Kmh. in Power Mode
► Range : 120 Km/Charge
► Battery Type : 12V/100Ah (4 Battery)
► Motor Type : 48V-850 & 1000Watt BLDC Motor
► Frame Type : MS-Frame(HeavyDuty Indian Material)
► Suspension : Front & Rear
► Brakes : Drum Type (Front & Rear)
► Front Wheel : 12”
► Rear Wheel : 14”
► Roof : Fiber Body
► Tyre : Birla Heavy Duty Tyre
► Charger : 48V DC, 10Amp, (220V AC) Indian
► Loading Capacity: Up to 4-5 Passenger
► Charge Time : 5-8Hours
► Dimensions : 2700 mm x 900mm
► Ground Hight : 300mm
► Manufacturing : Chasis No. & Month


► Mode of Operation: Thumb Throttle
► Charging : Grid Power
► Braking : Front & Rear Axle
► Suspension : Shocker With Spring
► Tyre : Heavy duty Tyre (Birla)
► Rim : Indian Rim
► Roof & Matt : Special Fiber Roof & Matt
► Head Light : Hero Honda Type
► Holding Hanger for Better Safety of Passenger while traveling(optional)
► Beatiful Colorful Curtain for Rain & Safety(five colour)
► Dunlop Seats for Better Comfort
► Low Passenger Platform for Easy Boarding
► Auto- Cut controller Off Facility

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